Tribes of Asaph and Producer Aleksandra Neznaeva Changes Recorded Music Forever

Tribes of Asaph and music producer Aleksandra Neznaeva changes recorded music forever. On their latest record ‘From Above’, no autotune (the Cher effect) is used and quantization (the process of making beats feel rigid and robotic) is virtually thrown out the window giving every track a dynamic feeling. On some tracks like Sweet Poison, drums […]

Tribes of Asaph Talks About From Above 

Bluegreenland Records:Welcome, let’s keep the interview simple this time without too many metaphors so that everyone can understand. Also, tone down the sarcasm and try not to use any sentences that require critical thinking and any words that promote deeper thought. Tribes of Asaph:Okay. Bluegreenland Records:People who have heard the album find it hard to […]

A Short Deep Dive into The Universe of Tribes of Asaph

An Interview with Tribes of Asaph Tribes of Asaph brings your mind and soul on an emotional voyage through acoustic guitar driven compositions. With songs about riding the tunnels in the world`s biggest city to catching waves out in the ocean to the pure feelings of happiness and joy. Bluegreenland Records:Welcome, here are some swim […]

Beacon of Light

Bluegreenland Records represents seeds that bloom into towering trees with roots that sink deep into the soil of uplifting music. In these days of superficiality and manufactured acts that have nothing real to say, Bluegreenland Records brings authenticity back to music. Acting as a beacon of light for the unseen and the unheard, we strive […]